about us period proof

Who we are

Period Proof is an Australian owned company, with headquarters located in Gold Coast.

Our mission is to transform the way women period, making it simple, healthier, and convenient.  But it doesn't end there, below are other principles that we follow to achieve a successful period for everyone. 


We aim for minimal impact on the environment,  stop destroying our own planet before it becomes irreversible.  


We fight to normalise periods for the generations to come and end the period stigma that surround us.


We are committed to donate a cup for each one sold to help those who can't afford proper period care.

"Nowadays my period doesn't bother me at all." 

Ashlee Campolina - Co-Founder


How everything started

Ashlee Campolina

I do not know too many women who are excited to get their period, it’s just something we have all accepted. The question I always had was “why are the products I’m using never really working?” Leaking, changing, dryness!! There had to be a better more effective way.

Call it my light bulb or even wake up moment, I investigated menstrual cups. Such a foreign looking object was not sure how it would feel but I was willing to give anything a go.

One of the best decisions I have ever made, because I have found a product that actually works. I want to share with the world one of the most effective eco-friendly menstrual products you can purchase, and they can last up to ten years!!!! 

Periods are such a taboo subject that needs to be normalised because... IT'S NORMAL! Our mission is to be honest, raw and share wisdom around menstrual care and help educate women all over the world.

Love Ashlee xx

Icaro Campolina

You must be wondering what is this guy doing here, he doesn't even have a bloody period. I know girls, I know period is not my business. Hang on, it actually is haha.

Believe or not, your period definitely affect your partners and who is around you. It affected me mostly because of Ashlee's mood and lack of energy, leading to avoid of activities that we normally would do together.

Period Proof was Ashlee's idea, of course, but since she started testing some menstrual cups to find the best design, I could drastically notice how she was happier and up to do everything as a non period day. I could see that her period wasn't distressing her anymore. From there on I knew it was a great product.

In case you still curious, my role in Period Proof is the tech department and inventory management, which works perfect for me as a non menstruator. But at the end of the day I've learnt A LOT about periods, even not having one.

Cheers Icaro