Period Proof - Australian Menstrual Cup


Nothing can hold you back

The best menstrual cup for beginners

Period Proof will make your period Care way better by:

  • Making it simple, just one reusable cup. 
  • Can be worn day & night, no leak.
  • Eliminate dryness or unpleasant odour.
will my menstrual cup leak

12 hour coverage

With up to 12 hours leak free protection you only have to think about it twice a day.

can you save money with menstrual cup


The reusable menstrual cup will save you lots of $$ per year on period care.

do menstrual cups have chemicals

Chemical free

Keep you away from nasty chemical present on disposables. Welcome to the natural way to period. 

Period Proof Cup
Period Proof Cup
Period Proof Cup
Period Proof Cup
Period Proof Cup

Reusable silicone cup worn internally like tampons that collects menstrual blood. 
It's very soft and flexible, able to adapt to any shape comfortably.

Size guide

better To you

Made by soft medical grade silicone.
The cup will help avoid your body from harsh chemicals and toxins,
introduced by disposables products. 

How menstrual cup works
How to use a menstrual cup

Better to the world

During your life, you will use about 15 thousand disposable products over the years.
 Switching to the cup, you will divert many of them going into landfills for many periods to come.

our mission

Periods are natural part of a woman's life, without them there would be no future to create. Our mission is to normalise periods for the generations to come and end the period stigma.

which menstrual cup is the best
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talk of the town

"I have always hated my period, and seen it to be so unnecessary,
since switching to Period Proof Cup I honestly do not even care that I have my period, it now feels so natural." - Satisfied customer

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